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Type 1 Diabetes

Resources for you


New to T1D?

You life should only be different by the fact that you are now learning to manage your 'external pancreas'. 
Here are a few resources that might be helpful as you get started.
Do come to your appointment with questions and and your endocrinologist would be happy to answer them.

Injecting insulin?

There are many devices that have become available to help you with administering insulin injections. Remember- rotate your sites, use a new needle with each injection and consider which size needle is best for you.

Chart & Stethoscope

Using an insulin pump

Insulin pumps provide the ability to sculpt the profile your ‘basal’ insulin as well as be able to adjust your ‘basal’ insulin on the go. This can help you adjust your insulin to fit with activities such as exercise, alcohol intake, sick days, and physical activity. Insulin pumps also allow for finer adjustments in the doses of insulin you can give. Want to know more?

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